Morning Bagel: Wozniacki's social calendar

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Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris from Chris Lincé on Vimeo.

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• Sometimes you just have to let the tweets do the talking. A fantastic, unintentionally (?) hilarious recount of Caroline Wozniacki's social calendar, as told via her own tweets.

• A fun piece in The New York Times on "Cruising for (Tennis) Partners". As one who plays on the hipster-tastic courts of Dolores Park, I can tell you the description is dead-on.

• Doug Robson on the globalization of tennis.

• James LaRosa's annual U.S. Open Drinking Game. As Rafa would say, Vamos Responsibly, people.

•'s U.S. Open roundtable picks.

• Steve Tignor on the glory (and heartbreak) of U.S. Open qualies.

• If tennis ever gets the long-read treatment, you know I will link to it. Great read on tennis rivalries.

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