Ana Ivanovic and Adam Scott reunited?

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They never had a catchy nickname, nor were they ever caught making out in front of the Yale football team. But before Caroline Wozniacki, Rory McIlroy and McWozilroy were even a glimmer in our eye, Ana Ivanovic and Adam Scott (Ana Scott? Ivanovott? Scivanovic? Nope, don't work) were the adorable country club couple who united the tennis and golf world.

The two began dating in January 2009 and tried to keep as low a profile as two gorgeous athletes could. Much to the sadness of this Ana fan, it didn't work out and the couple called it quits in the middle of last year.

But during Ana's first-round victory against Ksesnia Pervak, her player's box had two new faces. First, Kim Sears, most notable for being Andy Murray's girlfriend, was supporting her father's new charge (Kim's dad is Nigel, he of the fantastic head of silver hair who now coaches Ivanovic), and behind them, donning a cap and sunglasses, was one Mr. Adam Scott.