Morning Bagel: Midterm media grades

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• That video above? Awkward. Wait for the 2:00 mark. Nice to see Kim Sears' impeccable hair was just as amazing five years ago. Legend. (Thanks for the tip, @elliecassen!)

Midterm grades for tennis commentators.

Cablevision drops Tennis Channel in the middle of the U.S. Open. Wow. Awesome timing.

• Haven't seen your favorite umpire at this year's U.S. Open? It's all about the Benjamins, baby.

• A call for tennis to investigate allegations that Hall of Famer Bob Hewitt sexually abused girls he coached. Also culpable if these allegations are true? Everyone who knew it was happening and turned a blind eye.

• A bit ironic that this piece has a quote from Victoria Azarenka about fans being quiet during matches. But that doesn't mean she's wrong. Quiet, please.

• There is no crankier group of folks than the ones on the last U.S. Open media shuttle. But still, let's not yell at Brooklyn Decker, OK? Also, I love how B-Decks in a sweatshirt constitutes "incognito."

• Jon Wertheim on the need to market the players we have now as opposed to bathing in the glories of yesteryear. Amen.

• A great preview of the U.S. Open juniors tournament by Colette Lewis.

Men are worse than women. Duh.

• It's not the latter half of the tennis calendar if players aren't complaining about the length of the season. No doubt, it's an issue.

• I'm agnostic when it comes to the Serena seeding issue, but, man, some people are angry.

• Who says diva behavior is reserved for the ladies? Andy Roddick reportedly has some beef with John McEnroe.

• More of the Federer twins. Am I wrong or does one of them totally look like Mirka and the other like Fed?

• Cool piece on an umpire who's also a Catholic priest.

• Get well, Bud Collins.

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