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Open fashion misses: Maria, Monfils, Fed fail


Overall, the outfits at this year's U.S. Open have been underwhelming. This is New York City, you guys! You have to bring your fashion A-game when Oscar de la Renta and Anna Wintour are in the stands. But the players I counted on to bring the glitz and glamour totally let me down.

Here are my picks for the outfits done wrong at the U.S. Open. You can also check out my fashion hits and’s gallery of several players.


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Maria Sharapova: When you're touted as being the fashion diva of tennis, much is expected. I've already ranted about Maria's day kit, but I'll just say it again: Why did it fit so weirdly?



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Gael Monfils: For as much as Monfils jukes and jives around the court, you'd think K-Swiss would realize that putting a test pattern onto a quickly moving object isn't the greatest idea. I'm a Bay Area native so I love me some green and gold, but much like my beloved Oakland A's, this kit is a failure on almost every level. Army green in the dead of summer? That's "hot" in all the wrong ways.



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Bethanie Mattek-Sands: Much like the country to which her outfit is an homage, Bethanie's Star Spangled Banner get-up is well-intentioned but totally misguided. Bless her for her crazy outfits and having the cojones to rock them time and time again. She has fun with it and seems to revel in her ability to one-up herself. But I always have the same reaction to her on-court (and off-court) sartorial choices: Are you serious?




Nadia Petrova: I'm pretty sure I had a set of footie pajamas that had that pattern on them when I was 3 years old. And I'm pretty sure, at 3 years old, that I took them out back behind the house and burned them. Why does Ellesse hate you so much, Nadia?

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Fernando Verdasco: That sound you heard was the collective gasp from the ladies the minute Verdasco walked out on court in this matchy-matchy debacle from Adidas. The shirt, the shoes, the color -- it's all just a tremendous eyesore. Look, if you have one of the better-looking guys as part of your stable, it's probably best to let his better attributes shine rather than shroud them in distracting fabric and patterns.




Victoria Azarenka: I love the concept of an athletic baby-doll dress. Conceptually, that just seems like a really comfortable thing to play tennis in. But am I the only one who thinks that Nike's never gotten it right with Azarenka? Vika's got a great body but the dress does her no favors. More often than not, she looks frumpy. That's on you, Nike.




Roger Federer: Old-man socks, guys. Old-man socks.



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