Federer fine with length of season

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Don't count on Roger Federer to join the chorus of complaints about the length of season. He's fine with the season and thinks it's up to the players to manage their schedule correctly in order to avoid injury and burnout.

"It's better to have too many than too few tournaments," Federer said. "The season cannot be too long when Andy [Murray] requested a wild card [for this week's tournament in Basel, Switzerland]. I think he knows not quite what he wants."

Zing! So much for Federer's support, Andy.

Federer's comment comes after several other top players have voiced concerns with the schedule. From the Associated Press:

Murray, Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick have been among the most vocal in urging changes to the packed tennis calendar and the number of events the top players are required to enter each year. Since then, Roddick has pushed for the creation of a players' union similar to those in other major pro sports that could act on players' behalf in negotiations with ATP officials.

Last November, the ATP decided to extend the tennis offseason from five to seven weeks in response to years of complaints from players about the length of the season and the toll it takes on their bodies.

But other issues came to a head during the rain-soaked U.S. Open, when Nadal, Murray and Roddick voiced concerns about the conditions of the courts and the schedule that forced Nadal to play three matches in three days.