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Daily Bagel: Evidence surfaces in Liezel Huber doubles controversy

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• Finally, video of the Liezel Huber/Lisa Raymond-Elena Vesnina/Sania Mirza doubles controversy at the Australian Open has surfaced. To refresh your memories: Vesnina/Mirza have match point in the deciding tiebreaker, Mirza hits a volley that looks to have bounced twice before Huber is able to get it back. The umpire didn't rule a double-bounce, Huber says she didn't see it, Raymond stays noticeably silent and Vesnina and Mirza flip their lids. They lose the next three match points before Mirza lines up a forehand that knocks Huber down at 6-6 and they go on to close out the tiebreaker and knock out the Americans.

Super Saturday is here to stay for the 2012 U.S. Open, but the powers-that-be are looking to tweak the future schedule in light of players' complaints. “We’ve had Super Saturday at the U.S. Open for over 30 years, and our fans love it, our television viewers love it, broadcasters, sponsors, everyone loves it,” tournament director Jim Curley told The New York Times. “Even back then, the players liked it, but the game has changed a lot. It’s a lot more physical and to be able to come back on consecutive days with a semi and a final is a real challenge, and so we get that. We understand that, and now it’s just a matter of working through all the various issues we have to make that happen.” Good to hear.

• How many times have you ever seen a prominent male American athlete compared favorably to a female athlete? Not often, I'm guessing. So without further ado, Eli Manning, meet Serena Williams. Serena Williams, meet Eli Manning.

• Peter Bodo's insider take on the allegations made by Arantxa Sanchez Vicario that her family has left her broke. Bodo has a hard time taking the account at face value. "But the term that fit her better than 'tomboy' was idiot-savant. For mentally and perhaps emotionally (it was harder to tell for sure about that) she seemed like an eight-year-old in a 20-year-old body. Whatever she was asked, she muttered a few simple platitudes while her eyes darted around, planning her getaway... It seemed almost pathological and made you wonder, 'Is she hiding something?'"

• I've often thought that the worst thing that ever happened to Melanie Oudin's career was that miraculous run to the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open in 2009. Yes, there is such as thing as too much, too soon. Now ranked No. 172 and playing the challenger circuit, she says she has a lifetime of tennis ahead of her and she enjoys the lack of pressure. "Even though it seems like it's already been three years since then, I'm only 20," Oudin said. "I'm still hopefully going to have a really long career ahead of me. Even if I have to kind of regroup and start over, I'm still going to have plenty of time."

• Here's an interesting tennis stat project that's worth clicking around: Tennis-Abstract.

• Non-tennis: What was up with this Tom Brady promo montage by NBC?

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