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Daily Bagel: Rafael Nadal responds to French TV doping skits

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• Roger Federer is a team player and don't you forget it. In the above clip from last fall's Switzerland/Australia tie, Federer lays out what exactly he's willing to do to make sure Stanislas Wawrinka is ready for his next match. The Swiss host the U.S. in Davis Cup Friday, with Wawrinka opening the singles against Mardy Fish and Federer playing second against John Isner.

Rafael Nadal responds to the French TV videos alleging doping. "It's the kind of humor that for one day is fine but if it is repeated over and over again it's not right and I think it oversteps the line a bit," Nadal said. "I don't think it's just one media, it's a general campaign by the neighboring country. It's sad to see a campaign like that against something that has cost so much to achieve. There's no question of pills or syringes or anything like that I can assure you." Uncle Toni has some thoughts as well.

• L'Equipe reports that Petra Kvitova has withdrawn from Doha with inflammation of the Achilles tendon (Note: Article run through Google translate).

• The Murray family's 80 minute panel discussion with the BBC is well worth a download. Andy spends a good deal of time answering questions about his semifinal loss to Novak Djokovic, feeling motivated as opposed to cursed playing in this golden era of tennis and the difference in psychology between tennis and other sports. Substantive and entertaining (there's a lot of friendly ribbing between the three).

• Bernard Tomic's orange BMW M3 didn't exactly make a killing when it was auctioned off, going for $60,000 less than he was asking.

• The Post Game on Venus Williams' vegan diet.

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