Daily Bagel: Jelena Jankovic seeking new coach

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• Jelena Jankovic, who hasn't won a match since February, says she needs to hire a coach soon. Via Women Who Serve:

"To be honest," she said, "it's very difficult to be without a coach... I need someone to push me." Jankovic said that, at her age, motivation doesn't always come naturally to her: "I can be lazy at times; that's my weakness." The former world No. 1 said that she likes to have someone around to push her and to be the "voice in my head."

• Agnieszka Radwanska has seen the most success in her career since splitting with her father/coach.

"On the court we always had a good relationship and he's a great coach," Radwanska said. "He really taught me everything and, for sure, without him I wouldn't be here on the court, but sometimes it gets too much when you mix up your private life with tennis."

• Looking back on Natasha Zvereva's courageous stand against the Soviet Union. Zvereva eventually because the first woman to break away from the Soviet Tennis Federation and demand direct payment for her earnings.

• Nice interview by Lindsay Gibbs with Sloane Stephens:

“I love Vika [Victoria Azarenka]. You could tell me she sucks toes -- I wouldn’t care,” she laughed. “She’s been nice to me since I met her for the first time. She and my mom are always chatting it up. People are always telling me they hate her -- I don’t know why.”

• Speaking of Gibbs, she's written a book, Titanic: The Tennis Story, a real-life narrative of two men who survived the Titanic and went on to Hall of Fame careers.

• Non-tennis: Good, long read in Businessweek about Apple's war on Android. The lesson: Sometimes wars backfire.

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