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Daily Bagel: Andy Murray speaks out on prize money

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• Video: A fun little collection of hand-picked songs for a bevy of ATP players. ABBA + Soderling = Swedish perfection.

• Andy Murray doesn't think the answer to the low-paid journeyman's problems is at the Slams. Prize money at ATP tournaments needs to be addressed as well.

"The Grand Slams aren't where a guy ranked between 50 and 100 necessarily makes the majority of their money for the year. That's in the ATP tournaments. So we can't look at the Grand Slams and blame them if a guy ranked 100 in the world isn't making as much as we would like in comparison to a sport like golf. It's the tournaments throughout the year where that needs to improve."

• Steve Tignor goes into the vintage tennis vault to watch footage of Ken Rosewall.

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Rosewall hit a shot that doesn’t really exist today: The hard, attacking backhand slice, one that was closer to a flat ball than what’s typically tried now. In his recent book, The Greatest Tennis Matches of All Time, Steve Flink rated Rosewall’s the second greatest backhand in men’s tennis history, behind Don Budge’s. “His backhand worked in every way,” Flink writes, “as a rally shot, as a passing shot, for the lob, and as a return.”

• Novak Djokovic says he regrets the fact he never got to go to college.

• Nice read in Wired on Uniqlo, the Japanese clothing brand that sponsors Novak Djokovic and Kei Nishikori. So when are they going to add a WTA player to their stable?

• Check out first daughter Malia Obama playing tennis.

• Non-tennis: This waterfall swing is absolutely blowing my mind.

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