Djokovic amused by cheese story

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The moment you've been waiting for: Novak Djokovic has finally spoken up about donkey cheese.

British newspapers reported earlier this month that Djokovic had bought the entire supply of the world’s most expensive cheese, a Serbian delicacy made from donkey milk called pule, for his restaurants. But The New York Timeslater discredited the story, and Djokovic himself now acknowledges that the initial reports were erroneous. He seemed amused that the story became such a viral sensation.

"I did not expect this story was going to get so much attention, and everywhere in the world, too," he said, according to the global news agency AFP. "It is not completely true that we have bought the whole supply of donkey cheese, even though it was the first time in my life I heard that donkey cheese existed."

Yeah, it was the first time any of us heard that donkey cheese existed, too, Novak.

The Times reported that the cheesemaker dropped off a sample at one of Djokovic's eateries in Belgrade and offered an exclusive on the product.

"They came to our restaurant and offered cooperation, so that is all," Djokovic said from Abu Dhabi, where he is competing in an exhibition event. "We are now thinking and seeing what we can do with that, but it is not true that I already bought the whole supply."