Agnieszka Radwanska on Fed Cup in Israel: 'It was just awful'

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Agnieszka Radwanska was displeased with the Fed Cup experience in Israel. (Getty Images)

Agnieszka Radwanska was displeased with the Fed Cup experience in Israel. (Getty Images)

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. -- Agnieszka Radwanska said the Polish Fed Cup team has written a letter to the ITF complaining about the crowd and tournament conditions during the Europe/Africa Group I playoff in Eilat, Israel in early February. Radwanska, who gave a remarkably curt press conference after the tie, was disappointed in the umpire's inability to control the hostile crowd during Poland's tie against Israel.

"[There were] a lot of things going on that shouldn't be on that level," Radwanska told a small group of reporters during her pre-tournament press conference at the BNP Paribas Open on Wednesday. "A lot of unfair behavior and things going on there. They wanted me to go to the press conference. After those kind of matches I shouldn't really go. I went but my answers just showed how the matches went."

Here's video of that infamous press conference:

Radwanska has been a Fed Cup stalwart for her country throughout her career and is used to the type of partisan atmosphere that it can generate, but she said the atmosphere in Eilat was the worst she's ever played in.

"I kind of expect they're not going to cheer for us obviously. But you just expect them to be fair.

"Fans, just the crowd -- the officials and chair umpire have no control over them. I really didn't expect something going on like this on this kind of level. It was very disappointing. There was also no security. We didn't really feel safe there. There was no control. It was just awful."