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Redfoo releases new song that includes Victoria Azarenka's grunt

The day has finally arrived.

LMFAO frontman Redfoo has released Heart of a Champion, a four-minute noise extravaganza that includes short samples of his girlfriend Victoria Azarenka's trademark whooping grunt. You can hear her at the 1:25 mark and later at the 3:20 mark.

The song was already in the works when I talked to Redfoo at the WTA Championships in Istanbul last fall.

“I taped it on my iPhone and I put it in there and I have it when she won,” he said. “So she grunts, grunts, and she wins, and I go, ‘Let’s goooooo!’”

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Redfoo does offer some sound advice to Vika midway through the cacophony of chainsaws.

"You gotta start aggressive, keep your feet moving. You gotta really want it with everything you're doing. Plan your work and work your plan. I like to hit winners. It excites the fans."


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