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Grigor Dimitrov and Novak Djokovic impersonate Maria Sharapova

Will Grigor Dimitrov get in trouble for this?

In The Boodles exhibition Thursday at Stoke Park in England, Novak Djokovic and Dimitrov were asked to do their best impressions of Maria Sharapova's very, uh, distinct tennis routine. Dimitrov, who is dating Sharapova, was surprisingly game, offering to split the impersonation duties with Djokovic.

The Bulgarian did a spot-on walk-through of Sharapova's pre-return routine, from staring down with a towel over her legs during the changeover, to her skipping walk to the baseline, to even her perma-fist pump against her leg. Needless to say, it looks like Dimitrov has paid close attention to a lot of her matches.

Djokovic obviously isn't new to the impression game -- they don't call him "the Djoker" for nothing.

He's been playfully poking fun at Sharapova since the 2007 U.S. Open, and as recently as last year, he mimicked her for a series of commercials for HEAD rackets. Somehow, it seems his take on her service routine has gotten even better.

Sharapova's always been an easy target, what with her grunting and very specific routines. Here's Andy Roddick giving it a go years ago at an exhibition event: