By Andrew Lawrence
August 16, 2013
With the planned roof, there will no longer be any rain delays to matches held on Arthur Ashe Stadium.
Al Bello/Getty Images

This is what ambition sounds like now in American tennis. The only great hopes that the USTA has now is that the city-issued bonds it will need to help fund this project will come tax-free, to help keep the costs of the project down. There are no more big, bold bets on the future -- just punts and hedges. The new Billie Jean King National Tennis Center isn't a landmark for the future. It's a monument to the past, when American tennis dared to dream of doing something it had no business doing -- dominating the sport in every conceivable way -- did it big, and watched gleefully as the rest of the world suddenly struggled to keep pace. Clearly, those days are through.

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