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Andy Roddick's 'drunk dancing' vs. Victoria Azarenka 'twerking'

Twerking vs. Drunk Dancing. No, this is not a fall sorority hazing ritual.

If Beyond the Baseline's coverage has taught you anything it's that tennis players like to dance. That's actually an understatement. They love to dance. Here's a video that Andy Roddick's wife Brooklyn Decker tweeted, which proves that the urge to boogie doesn't stop when you retire. Roddick's dance is equal parts Usher and Michael Flatley's Riverdance. In other words, it is perfect:

While Roddick was going for his best Michael Jackson impersonation (his bulldog is named "Billie Jean", after all), Victoria Azarenka was working hard in the gym preparing for the upcoming Asian swing. With the aid of a little machinery, Azarenka posted this Miley Cyrus-inspired 'twerk' video:

What can we say? With the end of the season a mere five weeks away, players start getting a little punchy. I don't blame them.

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