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Andy Murray's dry wit takes over impromptu Twitter Q&A

Andy Murray held an impromptu Twitter Q&A session over the weekend to stave off his boredom in Doha, Qatar, where he's preparing for his first ATP tournament since back surgery at the Qatar Open. If Roger Federer's popular #AskRF Twitter sessions go a long way toward revealing his goofy dad-type humor, #askandy put Murray's dry, sarcastic wit on full display.

For a guy who spent most of his career as a punchline to a lot of jokes, his self-deprecating tweets proved he had no problem taking a crack at himself. So much for the long-standing myth that Murray is boring and devoid of personality. If you're not entertained, then it's because you just don't get the joke.

Here are the best tweets from #askandy, which we hope will become a regular Twitter event. Warning: British sarcasm on full display. Proceed with caution.

Bonus tweets: Here are two of Murray's dispatches from the Qatar Open player party: