Highlights from Rafael Nadal vs. Novak Djokovic in the French Open final

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Rafael Nadal once again proves he's indestructible at the French Open. (Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Rafael Nadal once again proves he's indestructible at the French Open. (Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

PARIS -- The King of Clay ruled again. For the ninth time in ten years, No. 1 Rafael Nadal had his teeth on the Coupe des Mouquetaires, defeating No. 2 Novak Djokovic 3-6, 7-5, 6-2, 6-4 to win his fifth straight French Open title. With the win, Nadal retains the No. 1 ranking on Monday.

Game-by-game analysis of Rafael Nadal's victory against Rafael Nadal in French Open final

Here are highlights, reactions, stats and more from Nadal's victory.


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(Michel Euler/AP)

(Michel Euler/AP)

Go figure

14: Grand Slam titles now won by Nadal, putting him just three back of Roger Federer's mark of 17.

3: Grand Slam titles won by Nadal after losing the first set in the final.

10: Consecutive years Nadal has won at least one major.

35: Consecutive match wins for Nadal at Roland Garros.

1: Loss for Nadal at Roland Garros in 10 years.

0: Finals lost by Djokovic after winning the first set. Today's loss was his first.

What they said

Nadal on falling behind after the first set: "Is true that at the beginning the match start very equal, but I felt that the match was more in his hands at the beginning than in my hands. I was winning more points from his mistakes than from my winners, and I need to change that. I think in the second set that the dynamic of the match changed. I was able to play more aggressive."

Nadal on the warm conditions: "For sure the day of today was very tough, very humid. The combination of two weeks of cold with the drastic change of yesterday and today, so today was the first real day that we play with that conditions. This big change I think affects us, affects our physical performance.  After the one set and a half we were a little bit tired today, no?  It was very important for me to win that second set.  Without that second set, I don't know if I have this trophy with me now."

Nadal on letting his emotions go after the win: "Last year was emotional for a few things. This year are emotional for another ones. But for sure when you are able to win Roland Garros, always will be emotional, no? And then more when your age is older, no? Last year was with 27; this year is with 28. That's not forever."

Djokovic on the match: "It was a great start; came back in the second. Could have gone to the tiebreak and was quite even. I lost that service game 6‑5, and then the momentums went his side. I started, you know, playing quite bad, you know, and didn't move as well. Struggled a little bit physically throughout that third set. Then in the fourth started to feel a little bit better, but then just crucial points he played better. I wasn't playing at the level that I wanted, especially in the second part of the match. You know, that's sport. It's how it is. These kind of big matches obviously take the best out of players. And of course it's a huge challenge. I tried to do my best. My best wasn't as the best against him in Rome a couple weeks ago... Congratulations to him. He was a better player in the crucial moments. Of course it's disappointing for me, but life goes on. It's not the first time or last time that I lost a match."

Djokovic, on whether he would have fared better if the match had started in cooler temperatures: "Well, if I was left-hander maybe I would win the tournament."

Djokovic on his tactics: "I think he was covering the forehand angle quite well. My backhand crosscourt wasn't as effective as it was maybe in the previous matches against him. He was hitting down the line forehand really, really well, so I think his first shot off the forehand, off my return, was terrific today."

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