Ryan Harrison and Grigor Dimitrov, only a year apart in age, once appeared to be on similar career trajectories.
By Courtney Nguyen
June 24, 2014

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• Steve Tignor compares and contrasts the careers and prospects of Grigor Dimitrov and Ryan Harrison.

Why has Dimitrov flourished while Harrison had floundered? You could start with their body types; Dimitrov has a classic tennis player's slender, six-foot build, while Harrison, grandson of a football star, is beefier. You could move on to their technique; Dimitrov runs and hits with Federer-like grace and timing, while Harrison muscles the ball. And you could finish with their shot choices at critical moments. In the first-set tiebreaker, Harrison tried and missed a series of wild forehands. The match, after that, was essentially over. 

• Naomi Broady, who got her funding pulled by the LTA after posting a photo of herself on a night out, won her first match at Wimbledon on Monday.

• Everything you needed to know about the Lucky Loser rule.

• As only the Brits can do: A roundup of the all the WAGs and HABs at Wimbledon.

• The Aussies are having a banner Wimbledon... so far.

• Great story from Tom Perrotta for The Wall Street Journal, who hopped into a London cab only to learn his cabbie's son once played at Wimbledon.

• Some good insight into what it's like to play Serena Williams from Laura Robson.

It took me a couple of games to get used to her pace of shot.

You soon realize that in every rally you have probably one potential chance to hit a winner, as Serena will drop one shot slightly shorter. That is all that she will give you; if you don’t put that ball away you basically lose the point. And you have to punish that short ball in the right way, because she is such a good mover.

That was what I personally struggled with when I played her, and lost 6-2 6-2. Most other people tend to find it hard, too.

• A very cool video from ESPN looking back at the best moments of Wimbledon last year featuring the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Kate Winslet.

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