It's not a huge stretch to imagine that Novak Djokovic will become a premier tennis parent.
Ben Curtis/AP
By Courtney Nguyen
July 02, 2014

LONDON -- Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer are into the semifinals of Wimbledon, which means Djokovic might have a few more days to pick Federer's brain on what it's like to be a tennis dad. Djokovic's fiancée Jelena Ristic is pregnant, and as the due date approaches he's reached out to Federer for parenting advice. 

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"He just asked me how life was on the road, how it is to be a dad," Federer said. The 17-time Slam champion and his wife Mirka welcomed their second set of twins in May.  "I think it's what like every dad, soon‑to‑be dad goes through. You want to get some information, something you can wrap your mind around. I think he's super excited. He's very happy. I'm very happy for them. So he's going through that period, which is so cool. I think it's some of the best moments now leading into it, and then right after where I am now. If he can ask anybody, it's me clearly. Yeah, I was happy to share my things with him that worked well and didn't work well for me in the past."

Ristic is in London supporting Djokovic, but after sitting in the player box in the early rounds she's opted for a more relaxing environment:

"For us, it's a new chapter of our lives," Djokovic said. "It's a new experience. We're full of joy. What can I say? It can only bring positive things to us. It's the most beautiful news that I ever received when she told me she was pregnant. We're together almost nine years, and this is the crown of our relationship."