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Daily Data Viz: Distance run to the U.S. Open semifinals by the final four men

Which semifinalist—Djokovic, Monfils, Wawrinka or Nishikori—has run the farthest on court to get to the U.S. Open final four?

Novak Djokovic has had a dream ride to the semifinals with a walkover and two retirements he’s run almost three fewer miles than his next closest competitor. He’s also been on court three hours 30 minutes less than his semifinal opponent Gael Monfils. The other semifinal features two players who have done the most work to get to the final four. Stan Wawrinka has put in more than double the miles as Djokovic.


Time on Court

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Djokovic         6:26
Monfils          9:56
Nishikori       13:02
Wawrinka      14:47

It’s interesting to see that the guys who’ve run the farthest have also been the most efficient per point. Monfils, with his defensive style and his positioning deep behind the baseline, has run the most per point played, even though he has the most aces of the final four. Wawrinka with his big shot mentality has run the least per point as he usually goes for big shots earlier in the rallies and ends the points quicker.

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