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Watch: Roger Federer Plays in Kilt During Exhibition in Scotland

During an exhibition against Andy Murray, Roger Federer paid tribute to Scotland by wearing a kilt. 

Roger Federer, the man who might become the first-ever person to defeat Father Time, played an exhibition match vs. Andy Murray in Glasgow, Scotland on Tuesday. Both players had good reason to be in a jovial mood; Federer won two majors on the year, and the match was Murray's first public outing since he suffered a hip injury at Wimbledon. 

After taking the first set 6-3, Federer was interviewed and said that if someone brought him a kilt, he'd wear it. A woman in the crowd delivered, and Federer held up his end of the bargain. 

Here's the maestro hitting a backhand in the traditional Scottish garb. 

Murray would come back to win the second set 6-3, which set up a decisive 10-point tiebreaker. Midway through the breaker, Federer presented Murray with a tartan hat that had some gnarly fake hair attached. In keeping with the light hearted atmosphere, Murray put it on. 

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Federer ended up taking the tiebreak 10-6 to win the exhibition. No word on whether the hat impeded Murray's play.

The only thing that could have made this whole thing more Scottish is if Federer celebrated his victory with a bagpipe solo.