Will Becky Lynch Return Back to WWE?

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WWE Superstar Becky Lynch shocked the world on Monday Night Raw by announcing her departure from the company since she’s expecting a child with Fiancé Seth Rollins. SI's Justin Barrasso react's to Becky's announcement and weighs on her future in pro wrestling.

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Madelyn Burke: WWE superstar Becky Lynch shocked the world last night by not only awarding Asuka the Raw Women's Championship, but also telling fans she is expecting a child with fiance Seth Rollins. For more on this story, I'm joined now by S.I.'s justin Barrasso. Justin, what does this announcement rank on the holy bleep meter in WWE history? 

Justin Barrasso: Well, it's funny because last night WWE was just in the hyperbole overdrive. The show ended with one of the rush, Charlie Caruso one of the broadcasters are ringside interviewer saying, you know, we're going to the greatest wrestling match ever. And I think on the show to Tom Phillips, who did play-by-play mentioned, it was one of the biggest announcements in WWE history. WWE loves, loves hyperbole, but it is a big announcement. The fact that Becky's leaving, you know, for the foreseeable future, you lose a key, key piece of your programing. But what an opportunity for everyone else. I mean, that's that's a major star in a major sport that's not there, I think of that that kind of sports mentality. Next player up. And Becky was not going to be replaced or taken out of the main event or out of the title picture. So for her to willingly step away, to start her family with her fiance, which is wonderful, congratulations to them. It really creates an opportunity because Monday night, Raw will air next week and the week after. And I think it makes her bigger when she comes back, if she ever comes back full time. Who knows? You know, she has movie opportunities now and obviously they'll have a family. But I'm really excited to see who steps up in that. You know, that's a big that's a big spot and a big opportunity.

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Madelyn Burke: When you mentioned Becky coming back, you said if she ever comes back. So if if she does decide to walk away from pro wrestling at this point, where does she rank to you and the list of greats? 

Justin Barrasso: Yeah. You know, we've talked about this, too, how how Becky's not like you would. To me, it's a disservice to call her a woman. Woman superstar. She's a wrestling superstar. She main invented WrestleMania. And I know you could probably make the argument that that match doesn't main event without Ronda Rousey. Well, a lot of matches don't matter that without Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin or The Rock. It just is what it is. Star's headline shows. Becky had a run like very few others in WWE and I think to representation so big. It's one of the reasons Kofi Kingston's title run was so, so meaningful. Becky, too. You didn't often see for the longest time women and made of event positions. We saw them in the attitude era in lingerie matches and and things like that. You know, on the side. But never. The main story, Becky, is nothing if not the main event. I mean, the way she headline shows a Charlotte Flair, I think her whole run was special. And for her as a performer, if she does come back, what a fantastic challenge to try to do it again, but do it in a different manner, too. Yeah, Becky is an all time great. Obviously, I wish her the best and I'm excited to see what she does next. 

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Madelyn Burke: Absolutely. We're all excited. See what's next. And congratulations again to Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins on their growing family. Justin Barosso, thanks so much for the time. [00:03:07][6.9]

Justin Barrasso: Thank you. 

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