WrestleMania III Remains a Timeless WWE Spectacle

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Madelyn Burke: Tuesday night on FS1, wrestling fans will get a chance to watch WrestleMania 3, and here to talk more about this unprecedented event is S.I.S. Justin Barrasso. Justin WrestleMania has been around for decades, but what makes WrestleMania 3 one of the most special spectacles in wrestling history?


Justin Barrasso: It reminds me a lot of the NBA in 87, was a Celtics-Lakers final just, you know, icons of the sport in this case. You know, legends of pro wrestling, legends in general kind of filled this card and you can, you know, rattle off 10 names pretty quickly at the stars that made the show so special. Obviously, it up top, Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. There was Roddy Piper and I love his retirement match. You know, that didn't last very long. Piper fought for years and years after the hit man, Brett Hart in the Heart Foundation. The British Bulldogs. I mean, you go on and on and on. Tito Santana, there's so many legends on this card. To me, though, it makes it so special. Is that supporting cast? It's the broadcast team of Gorilla Monsoon and in Jesse Ventura who goes on to be a governor. I mean, just wild, you know, personalities and colorful personalities. Howard Finkle, Jimmy Hart, Bobby, the Brain, Heenan and the little things, the creativity, the coming to the ring in the motorized carts that look like wrestling rings. It was so special. It's a wonderful point in wrestling history and I'm glad we get to watch it again tonight.

Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan go toe to toe in the ring at WrestleMania III

Madelyn Burke: A lot of household names came out of that era. Which wrestler from that era do you believe it would flourish today, though?

Justin Barrasso: No doubt. Macho Man, Randy Savage. Just that intensity, I think, could carry over to any generation, whether it was the 50s or 60s or 80s or 90s or the modern day macho was just so intense. I think he'd be the guy that would really flourish today as in any sport.

Randy "Macho Man" Savage File Photos

Madelyn Burke: I think intensity is the one characteristic that just transcends that size. Justin Barrasso, thank you so much for the time. Thank you. 

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