Professional Wrestler Lio Rush Moves From WWE to Music

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Robin Lundberg: Lio Rush is one of the wrestlers released by the WWE in April, and our Justin Barrasso had a chance to catch up with him to see what he's up to now. And Justin, he's making the transition possibly from wrestling superstar to music when he's come out with a couple of singles before.

Justin Barrasso: It's 13 song album this time. So I think it was good for him. He's been working on that for the past six months, but I think it's good for him in the sense that it's something non wrestling related. I think he's I mean, Lio's only twenty five and he's got a world of talent, but I think he was worn out from that WWE grind and it's different, right. WWE is a different type of pro wrestling for the performers anywhere else. So I think it was really cathartic for him to have this project to work on and he created some pretty good music. 


Robin Lundberg: Yeah. And it must be tough, obviously, in the midst of a pandemic to have that sort of thing happen. So to be able to dive into something immediately, as you mentioned, cathartic, indeed, right? 

Justin Barrasso: Yeah, I think that's the thing, too. And for wrestlers, you know, whether WWE did or didn't have to make those cuts. I mean, I think it was their projections are still high. Financially, I think it was a Wall Street decision that made them, you know, Wall Street rewards when you work lean. I'd really put the wrestlers in a bad spot because so many of them were good. But when you when you flood the market with people with similar skill sets, who's special anymore? So I think for Lio. Yeah. Working on the music, he's got his family, too. But it definitely gave him a sense of purpose creatively and creatively fulfilling. Absolutely. 


Robin Lundberg: Yeah. Good luck to him and his future endeavors. And you can give the album a listen as Justin got a chance to catch up with Lio Rush. Justin, appreciate your time, as always. 

Justin Barrasso: Thank you.