Can Moose Become The Next Biggest Star For Impact Wrestling?

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Quinn Ojinnaka believes that he could the next face of Impact Wrestling, but just how close is the former NFL player to that pedestal? SI's Justin Barrasso breaks down what Moose brings to the table and why he's been so successful in Impact Wrestling thus far. 

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Madelyn Burke: The man known as Moose is seeking to become the new face of impact wrestling. But outside of calling himself the real world champion, can Quinn Ojinnaka be the real world champion? Joining me now is SI's Justin Barrasso. Justin, first of all, what's been the key to his success in and out of the ring so far?

Justin Barrasso: Well, Quinn's Moose is a physical specimen that obviously played a big role in his success. That's kind of what carried him through Ring of Honor and a good portion of his Impact Wrestling runs. But right now, as that villain character, that heel in wrestling, really showing off a lot more personality that has been inside of him that he really hadn't. I think he's taking more chances now with his personality and the risks he's taking on camera and it's paying off too. I think Moose is perfectly suited and the position he's in now is that bad guy who can talk the talk and sometimes can back it up, but sometimes it's cowardly and runs. I think it's a perfect role for him and he's playing it so well.

Madelyn Burke: And last week, he showed off that unique skill set, the physicality, and the charisma in that victory against Suicide. How close is he to his first-ever world title run?

Justin Barrasso: You mentioned the matchup last week. He's terrific in the ring. Moose can do things that a lot of big guys can't do. And we've talked before about, it's almost like in basketball, big guys just not playing in the post and Moose can do that in wrestling. He's so, so versatile. In terms, I think he's the next guy. It all depends on Tessa Blanchard and when she's backed tapings. But I do think Moose is someone they can build around. And I think he's someone they have faith in building around. The more charisma he shows, the more he makes it these opportunities. I think it's it happens sooner rather than later.

Madelyn Burke: And his size, of course, it's no surprise that he's was a former NFL player. He played with the Patriots and Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. I know you talked to him. What what are his thoughts on Brady and Gronk in Tampa?

Justin Barrasso: He says they're a playoff team. I feel like the defensive linemen in that division are just waiting to get their hands on a mobile Tom Brady and I'm a huge Brady fan. Moose knows more than I do. He thinks there'll be a playoff team. He loves the potency of that offense. So he predicted a Tampa Bay playoff run this upcoming season.

Madelyn Burke: It's definitely going to be fun to watch them down in "Tompa" Bay for a sure. Justin Barrasso, thanks so much for the insight.