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Is Mike Tyson a Perfect Match With Pro Wrestling?

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Mike Tyson is back in the ring. Well, the wrestling ring that is. Tyson had a confrontation with professional wrestling legend Chris Jericho at an AEW show. Tyson had appeared with the WWE before but recent footage indicated he may make a return to boxing. Instead, or at least first, Tyson has returned to the crazy world that is professional wrestling and reignited an old feud with Jericho.

Sports Illustrated host Robin Lundberg reacted to Tyson's foray back into the squared circle in today's edition of Hot Clicks.

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Robin Lundberg: If you think about it, the next logical step for Mike Tyson was always professional wrestling. I mean, he’s dabbled before, I remember him going face to face with Stone Cold Steve Austin and knocking out Shawn Michaels when he was involved with WrestleMania. Well, Iron Mike is back in the ring, and it isn’t for that rumored return to boxing but for AEW wrestling. And this time Tyson had a bone to pick with Y2J, or Chris Jericho as he’s known nowadays. Apparently Jericho was upset about something that happened between them in the WWE a decade ago which led to this confrontation. And even if it was just an excuse for Mike to take his shirt off and double down on that viral workout video, it was good to see him back in the squared circle. Because it’s always believable when you act like a tough if we know you really are one.