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Maryland to give lifetime-guaranteed scholarships to all athletes

Photo: The Washington Post (via Getty Images)

The University of Maryland will begin providing a lifetime degree guarantee for athletes in all sports, the school announced Tuesday.

Called "The Maryland Way Guarantee," it will give all incoming athletes a multi-year scholarship guarantee, as well as guarantee a scholarship through graduation for any athlete who is injured and unable to compete or or has exhausted his or her eligibility before graduating. 

According to the school, Maryland becomes one of the first institutions to provide a lifetime degree guarantee for athletes in all sports, not just "revenue" ones. The change is set to take effect in November.

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Maryland will also provide tuition, books and fees for any athlete "who leaves the institution in good academic standing and returns to complete his or her degree."

The multi-year scholarship guarantee ensures that an athlete's scholarship will not be canceled or reduced after one year, as current NCAA rules permit a school to do. 

- Molly Geary


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