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Roger Federer and Lindsey Vonn play tennis on top of a glacier

Photo: Alexandra Wey/AP

Roger Federer played tennis against world champion skiier Lindsey Vonn atop a glacier in the Swiss Alps recently.

How does something like that happen? Well, The Buzzer reports that it all began when Vonn challenged Federer to a match over Twitter. The tweet begat a video call which is when Swiss chocolatier Lindt got involved and set up a court on a glacier, because that is where tennis is best experienced.

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The two arrived to the match on a massive snowcat, and Vonn did pretty well, even winning a few points off the 17-time major winner (when he was not allowed to leave a small circle on the baseline).

Maybe it would be a more equal match if Fed had skis on.


-Brendan Maloy

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