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No, Texas A&M is not installing maroon turf

No, Texas A&M is not installing maroon turf Photo:

In case you were wondering -- no, Texas A&M is NOT planning to install maroon turf on their field this season.

But it's fun to imagine, right?

Apparently SB Nation's Good Bull Hunting blog took the liberty of having some fun with its readers on Saturday night when it announced that the Aggies would be bringing the maroon turf to Kyle Field because, well, "unfortunately there is not enough time for grass to take room before the football season begins."

They even went so far as to say it'd open for the public for the Aggies' game vs. Lamar on Sept. 6 and quoted a "source close to the situation" who said we should expect other enhancements to the field, such as "beveled yard line numbers, and an absence of hash marks on the 12 yard line as a symbol of the 12th man something something branding something."

Here's the blog's subsequent Twitter apology for anyone who may have been duped:

Carry on with your Saturday night.  

[h/t Good Bull Hunting]


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