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The Northwestern women’s basketball team wrote the words “We Support Mizzou” on their warmup shirts for the their season opener against Howard University on Sunday night.

By SI Wire
November 16, 2015

The Northwestern women’s basketball team wrote the words “We Support Mizzou” on their warmup shirts for the their season opener against Howard University on Sunday night.

The writing, which was added to the shirts using duct tape and markers, acknowledged recent student protests at the University of Missouri regarding racially charged and discriminatory incidents on campus and former school president Tim Wolfe. Mizzou football players went on strike, calling for the removal or resignation of Wolfe. He resigned last Monday.

“In light of all that has been happening at Missouri, we, as a united team, wanted to let those students know that we simply see and care about their pain, and are supporting them through it all” the team said in a statement released after the game.’s 2015-16 college basketball season preview

The Wildcats came out of the locker room wearing the warmups and the bench players kept them on for the entire game. The team’s support comes only two days after students from Northwestern and other universities staged a protest during the groundbreaking ceremony for the school’s new lakefront athletic facility.

Northwestern defeated Howard 89–49 on Sunday. The Wildcats are set to take on Idaho State on Thursday night.

- Xandria James

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