Asked if beating Arizona is a bit sweeter after the FBI's probe, Boyle said 'hell yes.'

By Daniel Rapaport
January 07, 2018

Colorado coach Tad Boyle would have been pleased with his team's 80-77 victory over No. 14 Arizona no matter what, but the context surrounding this win made it even sweeter. 

"Absolutely," Boyle said when asked whether there's any extra satisfaction in beating Arizona after the program was named in the FBI's probe into college basketball, which uncovered mass corruption, wire fraud and bribery in recruiting. “It’s ironic we’re playing Arizona. I’ve got great respect for Sean Miller and the type of coach he is. They recruit very, very well. USC has recruited very, very well. The two most talented teams in our league from top to bottom are USC and Arizona.

College Basketball
What We Know About Each School Implicated in the FBI’s College Basketball Investigation

“So, hell yes there’s extra satisfaction. I’ve got great respect for Sean, helluva coach. I’ve got great respect for Andy Enfield. But to answer your question: Hell. Yes.”

Former Arizona assistant Book Richardson, who is no longer with the program, is accused of using his clout with players to sway them toward specific business entities after school.

Head coach Sean Miller has denied any wrongdoing. 

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