By Andy Staples
January 06, 2014
Charlie Strong (center) replaces Mack Brown as the head coach at Texas after two years with Louisville.
Erich Schlegel/Getty Images

If you win, you fit. Strong won big at Louisville, going 23-3 the past two seasons. He succeeded as a defensive coordinator (South Carolina and Florida), and he succeeded everywhere he worked as a defensive line coach before that. Will he win at Texas? In a vacuum, absent the meddling millionaires who chased off Brown and former athletic director DeLoss Dodds and the school-branded TV network, Strong might have been the best possible candidate. He may look uncomfortable in a press conference, but he's magic in a recruit's living room. He's unflappable on gameday when he needs to help his defense adjust to a formation his team didn't see on film. He's at home in his office when a player comes in with a family or a football problem.

If Texas expects another Mack Brown, these next few years will look as uncomfortable as Monday's press conference. If Patterson can support Strong the way Jurich did, Strong will fit just fine.

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