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South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier spoke with reporters at SEC Media Days in Hoover, Ala. 

By SI Wire
July 14, 2015

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier spoke with reporters at SEC Media Days in Hoover, Ala., on Tuesday and addressed the recent arrests and suspensions of two Florida State players. 

“I've always had a rule as a coach that, if you ever hit a girl, you're finished,” Spurrier said. “We've lost two at South Carolina. Fortunately, they were not star players. If it they were star players, it would have gone all over the country. So we quietly got them to transfer or leave or what have you. So our players know, if they ever hit a girl, they're not going to play at South Carolina. And we enforce that rule.”

Seminoles running back Dalvin Cook was suspended indefintely last week after reports emerged that he would be served an arrest warrant for punching a woman outside a Tallahassee bar in June. The arrest came one week after FSU quarterback De'Andre Johnson was dismissed, following the release of video that showed him punching a woman inside a bar. 

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Spurrier, who turned 70 in April, also addressed rumors that he might be considering retirement. 

“We got two people running for president, I think Hillary and Donald Trump are both 69, I believe,” Spurrier said. “Coach K at Duke, he's still doing pretty good at, I think 69 also. So the age really doesn't mean a lot. The number on your years is not what's important. It's whether you can function physically, emotionally, mentally, get your team ready to play. That's what's important.”

- Dan Gartland

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