David J. Phillip/AP
August 10, 2017

[Junior wide receiver] Christian Kirk is a dynamic guy, so you have to do a lot to limit what he can do once he gets the football. When you punt to him, you try to get capable guys out there that can cover and keep him corralled, but everybody’s trying that and it doesn’t seem to be working. [Sophomore running back] Trayveon Williams is a big play waiting to happen. They’re always talented on the offensive line. Any program that can keep putting out first-rounders at the offensive line position—that’s hard to do.

[Senior] Armani Watts [5' 11", 205]—he’s going to be one of the top safeties that we play. [Senior safety Donovan Wilson, 6' 1", 200] is a really good player and doesn’t get as much recognition as he should for being one of the top DBs in the conference. He reminds you of the Honey Badger [former LSU star Tyrann Mathieu], who just plays hard, with good toughness. They lost a lot at defensive end and don’t really have the same caliber of replacement. They do have [6' 1", 320-pound junior defensive tackle] Daylon Mack. He’s hard to block, hard to move off the point of attack and gets good penetration.

Talentwise, top-to-bottom, they can line up with anybody in the country and play ball.

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