Ball State gets new all-black uniforms

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Ball State has seen a recent run of success under coach Pete Lembo, and despite the loss of quarterback Keith Wenning and wide receiver Willie Snead to graduation (with both hoping to stick on NFL teams), the Cardinals are flying high. To celebrate the team's 19 wins in two season and to generate a bit of excitement heading into the fall, Ball State dropped some fresh new black uniforms on us at the end of June, which isn't exactly a time to be wearing all black unless you're a fan of sweating profusely.

At first glance it's hard to see much wrong with these unis. The "Ball State" across the front is in a relatively classic font, the red stripe down the side of the pants is pretty slick, the matte helmets contrast fairly well with the Cardinal sticker (although I worry those stickers could come off pretty easily after a few hits in game action). All things considered, these should play pretty nicely during some midweek #maction.