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Who has most to gain, lose in Week 1?; more questions in #DearAndy

Welcome to #DearAndy, your new home for college football questions and answers. I’ve been filming videos answering your college football questions for the past few months, but now that the season is upon us, we’re going to add a text component just to prove that I still remember how to type.

If you have questions, you can send them to me on Twitter or Facebook. They don’t all have to be about college football, either. I’ll answer pretty much anything.

Here are the questions I answered in the video above …

• What does the Big Ten have to do to be relevant again?

• Can Oklahoma’s defense provide a cushion as the offense works out some kinks?

• What kind of atmosphere can Utah State expect to see at Tennessee?

• What wine pairs best with football?

For more questions and answers, keep reading.

From @AToflinski: Which team has the most to gain this opening weekend? Conversely, which has the most to lose?

The team with the most to gain is Wisconsin, which has a chance to notch a win over an SEC power (LSU) while that team is working out some offensive kinks with young skill players. The Badgers don’t have much on their schedule between this and the Big Ten title game. If coach Gary Andersen's squad can beat the Tigers in Houston on Saturday, games against Nebraska (at home) and Iowa (in Iowa City) would likely be all that stand between Wisconsin and a date with the Big Ten East champ in Indianapolis with a College Football Playoff berth on the line. This is especially true if Wisconsin can win this game and LSU’s youngsters get better as the season goes on. In fact, the Badgers would probably need LSU to improve and wreak some havoc on the SEC West race to satisfy the strength of schedule component the playoff selection committee is supposed to weigh heavily. Of course, we don’t know yet how heavily the committee will actually weigh strength of schedule. At this point, we can only hope.

Which team has the most to lose? Probably any that loses a conference game right off the bat, because that hurts double. On top of being demoralizing, it creates a hole out of which the team must climb in its league race. The answer would be the losers of Texas A&M-South Carolina, Arkansas-Auburn and Miami-Louisville.

From @shaneterry88: What TV series theme songs would you pair with each SEC school?

OK, Shane, let’s give this a shot with a selection of SEC schools.

Alabama: Welcome Back, Kotter. In honor of Crimson Tide offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin’s return to the same old league that he laughed about, we choose this masterpiece of pre-show exposition. Just watch what Derrick “Boom Boom” Henry does on the next episode.

Arkansas: The A-Team. Arkansas starts with A, and when Bret Bielema is involved, you never quite know when something is going to blow up.

Florida: The Fall Guy. If the Gators don’t improve this season, coach Will Muschamp will take the fall. But if they do get better with Kurt Roper running the offense, Muschamp will wind up in the hay, hey, hey -- or maybe even in Atlanta.

SI Recommends

LSU: The Greatest American Hero. This story hasn’t been reported yet, but Les Miles found an alien’s hat somewhere on the road between Stillwater and Baton Rouge that gives him the power to bend space and time. It’s powered by field grass, and just as with Ralph Hinkley/Hanley’s suit, landings and late-game timeout management can be a bear.

South Carolina: Sledge Hammer. Trust Steve Spurrier. He knows what he’s doing.

Texas A&M: Magnum, P.I. When Kevin Sumlin, Football Coach, needs to visit a recruit, the Lone Star State version of T.C. picks him up in the Swagcopter.

From @zrau: Is the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl heaven on Earth?

It’s MACtion combined with paradise and delicious fried food, so it’s just about as close as one can get to heaven while still breathing. This might be the finest bowl sponsor yet, if only for the jokes.

I still don’t feel like anything has surpassed the Poulan Weedeater Independence Bowl or the Bacardi Bowl -- played in Havana seven times between 1907 and '46 -- but bowls keep getting closer to title-sponsor nirvana. When Conference USA No. 6 faces Mountain West No. 5 in the Bacon Lube Bowl, we’ll be there.

From @Mattacular53: Going to Snow's this Saturday, any recommendations? Best time to get there?

Matt is headed to Snow’s BBQ in Lexington, Texas, on Saturday because that’s the only day that Snow’s is open. As the opportunities to enjoy Snow’s are so limited, Matt will need a plan. Here is that plan.

Snow’s opens at 8 a.m. Get there by 8 a.m. The line won’t be long, and even if you have to wait a few minutes, you’ll love trading stories with your fellow barbecue pilgrims. The must-order items are brisket and pork ribs. Feel free to get pork and turkey as well, but load up on the first two. Get enough for two meals. Sit down and eat a brisket breakfast, then take the rest with you and eat it for lunch.

Fans with teams playing at Baylor, Texas or Texas A&M this season need to clip out these instructions and use them when your team heads that way. You’ll be the best-fed fan at your tailgate.