Former Missouri president Tim Wolfe attacks school officials in email

Former University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe recently attacked school officials in an email.
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Former University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe recently attacked school officials in an email obtained by the Columbia Tribune on Tuesday.

“I believe the University of Missouri is under attack and current leadership from the Board on down is frozen,” Wolfe said in the email, which was sent Jan. 19 to Missouri System supporters. “They are at risk of being defunded by the General Assembly—over $500 million—and you have already read about the drop in enrollment projections. Without change, the odds of the Board’s ability to attract decent candidates for the next president are very low.”

In the email, Wolfe also said he desires additional compensation as part of his separation from the university. He added that university chancellor R. Bowen Loftin was responsible for many of the issues at Missouri last year, while also accusing him of shaping the university’s relationship with Planned Parenthood with state senator Kurt Schaefer.

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Wolfe resigned from his position on Nov. 9, after being the subject of criticism for his handling of several racially charged incidents on campus. Students, the football team and Missouri lawmakers were among those who called for him to leave his post.

A week earlier, Missouri graduate student Jonathan Butler began a hunger strike with the hope of having Wolfe fired. In response, Tigers coach Gary Pinkel and the football team joined in, refusing to partake in football activities until Butler’s strike came to an end.​

After Wolfe’s resignation, Butler announced the end of his hunger strike.

Read Wolfe’s full email here.