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SEC to allow satellite camps if NCAA ban doesn't pass

SEC coaches may start their own satellite camps if the NCAA does not ban coaches from the practice.
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Instead of trying to stop Jim Harbaugh, SEC coaches may soon be joining him.

The SEC will allow coaches to set up their own satellite camps this summer if the conference’s proposal to ban the practice nationwide does not pass, reports Bleacher Report. The NCAA will vote in April on whether or not head coaches would be allowed to “guest coach” at satellite camps.

Currently, the SEC and ACC prohibit coaches from working at satellite camps. The other Power Five conferences allow it.

Harbaugh and Michigan’s recruiting controversies, explained

Harbaugh has ruffled feathers with his aggressive appearances at satellite camps. He is set to hit practices all over the South this summer, much to the chagrin of SEC officials, who perceive the trips as an unfair recruiting advantage. 

Harbaugh and the SEC have butted heads on numerous issues, including the coach’s spring practices scheduled in Florida earlier this month. 

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If the NCAA does not ban guest coaching, the SEC’s ban will be lifted on May 29, according to Bleacher Report.