This man’s NCAA tournament bracket is a fan’s worst nightmare

Make sure you check you work.
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James Kiki, a South Sudanese refugee who works for a nonprofit in Syracuse, entered Monday in first place in Yahoo's NCAA tournament bracket contest, having correctly picked 48 of the tournament's first 60 games.

That's the good news.

The bad news?

It’s impossible for Kiki to win, because he forgot to make his last pick.

"I don't even want to think about it," Kiki told

Kiki only filled out one bracket, and did so not as a sports fan, but as someone hoping to cash in on Yahoo's $50,000 prize. He was in prime position to collect the money, but forgot to select a winner in the title game. Kiki even picked the final score of the championship game, but because of Yahoo's somewhat confusing interface, didn't realize he hadn't made his final pick, which would have been Villanova over North Carolina.

Kiki won't even be able to win a partial prize, because Yahoo's contest is winner take all.

“I haven't even thought about filling one out next year," Kiki said. “If I do, I'm going to make sure everything is saved before I hit submit."