Nick Saban: Satellite camps may lead to ‘Wild Wild West’ in NCAA

Nick Saban got heated at the SEC spring meets when discussing satellite camps.
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Alabama head coach Nick Saban voiced his concern against satellite camps at the SEC spring meetings in Destin, Fla., according to SEC Country's Brandon Marcello.

“Anybody can have a camp now,” Saban said. “If they have a prospect, they can have a camp and then you’re expected to go to that camp and then they can use you to promote their camp because Ohio State is coming, Alabama is coming, whoever else is coming. Somebody sponsors a camp, they pay them the money. What do they do with the money? And who makes sure the kid paid to go to the camp? I mean, this is the Wild Wild West at its best. There’s been no specific guidelines relative to how we’re managing and controlling this stuff. It’s happening outside our normal evaluation window, which means we’re taking time away from our players.”

Alabama will have a coach present at a satellite camp at the Sound Mind Sound Body Football Academy’s camp on June 9 and 10 in Detroit and another camp on June 11 in Birmingham.

You can watch Saban's comments in the Periscope video below:

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh opposes new NCAA legislation that prevents coaches from attending high school football camps around the country. Harbaugh attended numerous satellite camps last year, and planned to again this summer, but his actions drew the ire of the SEC, mostly because of a perceived recruiting advantage.

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Saban said that he does not blame Harbaugh for the problem but believes it is bad for college football.