Ivy League to experiment with changes on kickoffs

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(STATS) - The Ivy League will move kickoffs to the 40-yard line and touchbacks to the 20-yard line in experimental rules this season as it tries to reduce concussions and further promote safety in the sport.

The goal of the rules is to limit kickoff returns, which the league said account for 23.4 percent of concussions during games despite representing only 5.8 percent of overall plays. After the season, the non-scholarship FCS league will evaluate concussion and kickoff return data.

"This experimental rule change is another example of the Ivy League leading the nation in concussion prevention," league executive director Robin Harris said. "Our data showed us that kickoffs result in a disproportionate number of concussions and this rule will allow us to assess whether limiting kickoff returns will reduce the incidence of concussions."

In May, the Ivy League adopted another policy to eliminate live tackling in practices during the regular season.