Texas Tech coaches use fake 'cute girls' online to spy on players

Texas Tech coaches are pulling out all the stops to keep tabs on their football players. 
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I’m not going to comment on how if any other college student was being spied on by faculty it wouldn’t be a laughing matter. No, for whatever reason, we continue to give college coaches a pass for controlling the lives of their athletes even when the NCAA and other small-minded people insist they are just like normal students.

So when you hear that Kliff Kingsbury and the Texas Tech coaching staff monitor the social media accounts of their players using “fake accounts with cute girls,” you may, like me, question how this is okay in any profession let alone one in which the labor is not paid. Or you may laugh it off and think, those silly Texas Tech coaches!

Ultimately, I really only have one question.

Which adult’s job is it to find photos of cute girls for fake social media profiles?

Texas Tech football has staffers pretend to be cute girls online to spy on its players | The Washington Post