Does Texas A&M have the magic to beat Alabama? The memories of the 2012 upset are fresh for both coaches

Texas A&M shocked the college football world four years ago by beating Alabama. Can it find the magic to do it again?
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Texas A&M's 2012 upset of Alabama shocked the college football world, but not Nick Saban. The Crimson Tide defense was built to stop power offenses, not contain Johnny Manziel. The offense was built to wear teams down, not spread them out. So what did Saban do? He brought in an offensive coordinator to speed up the attack while recruiting faster linebackers and more versatile defensive backs.

Four years later, the Tide have evolved into a different kind of powerhouse. In College Station, the Aggies have a deeper defense, a trusted quarterback who has already beat Bama, and a feeling that they can recapture the magic of 2012. So will history repeat itself? Or will the Tide reign supreme yet again?

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