Bob Knight taunts Michigan fans at Donald Trump rally in Michigan

Ohio State graduate Bob Knight made sure to get in a jab at the Michigan Wolverines before introducing Donald Trump at a rally in Grand Rapids.
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Before introducing presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally in Grand Rapids, Mich., legendary college basketball coach and Ohio State graduate Bob Knight decided to take a shot at University of Michigan and its fans.

“I know I didn’t go to one of your favorite schools. I went to Ohio State instead of one of your favorite schools,” Knight said to the crowd, who booed in response, according to Politico. “I knew you’d give me that, but you know we beat your ass most every time we played you.”

Knight, a vocal Trump supporter, would later draw cheers from the crowd when he interrupted Trump's speech and said, "In a Donald Trump presidency, there will be no b-------."

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Knight's coaching career produced 902 wins, the second-most all time in Division I men's college basketball. He spent most of his time as the head coach at Indiana before leaving in 2000, when he was accused of choking a former player.

Last week, another former Indiana player, Todd Jadlow, claimed that Knight physically and emotionally abused his players.

– Ryan Fish