Could both Clemson and Louisville make the College Football Playoff? #DearAndy

Can Louisville make the College Football Playoff without winning the ACC? Or would the Cardinals need Clemson to lose again? What about Ohio State and the Big Ten title?
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Can No. 2 Ohio State and No. 5 Louisville both make the College Football Playoff without winning their conferences? Does Louisville need No. 4 Clemson to lose again to have a shot? Or can both the Cardinals and the Tigers make the playoff?

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If Alabama wins another national championship, do you think Nick Saban will retire? At age 65, could he decide to leave coaching behind after winning his sixth national title? Or would he want to stay and try to pass Bear Bryant? What would Saban do if he retired? Could he go into television?

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Why does the playoff selection committee appear to keep shifting its criteria for ranking teams? No. 14 West Virginia got dogged for going 0–1 against top 25 teams while No. 9 Oklahoma did not. How can we derive meaning when the explanations behind the rankings seem to keep changing?

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