If you get one player from either roster to build a team around, who would you pick?

You're building a college football team and you get to pick one player from either championship team's roster. Who do you pick?
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Andy Staples: Alabama DE Jonathan Allen

Alabama DE Jonathan Allen. He just wrecks opposing offenses, and he’s capable of playing anywhere along the defensive line.

Pete Thamel: Clemson QB Deshaun Watson

This answer is simple, but it’s too obvious to ignore. Deshaun Watson was so unstoppable in last year’s national title game that Nick Saban needed to onside kick to prevent him from scoring. Saban has called Watson “the best player in college football since Cam Newton,” a high compliment that underscores how no other player on either roster can come close to Watson’s value. ​

Lindsay Schnell: Allen

You've seen him, right?

Brian Hamilton: Clemson DT Dexter Lawrence

Lawrence is 18 years old, weighs 345 pounds and once bench-pressed 225 pounds 30 times. He didn't record a tackle in the Fiesta Bowl, but Pat Elflein, Ohio State's All-America center, made it a point to talk with Clemson's true freshman defensive tackle after the game. "You're a monster," Elflein told Lawrence. One of the best ways to start the climb to national title contention is by deploying a massive, savage defensive line. Lawrence is massive and savage and no one is sure if he can grow a beard yet. Not a bad place to start.

Joan Niesen: Watson

It's a no-brainer. I want Watson. He's probably the best quarterback in college football (sorry, Lamar Jackson, I think I've finally changed my mind), and he's certainly the best quarterback between the two rosters, so voilà.