Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm

Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm is one coach facing significant challenges in his first year.
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Brohm probably won’t win much for two seasons. He’s one of the most regarded offensive minds in the nation, but the attack’s complexity will likely take at least one year to teach. The good news for Brohm is that he has a gifted quarterback in junior David Blough, who was the lone bright spot of another lost season in West Lafayette. Blough finished the season with 25 touchdown passes (and 21 interceptions, but what can you expect when you play on a team as bad as Purdue) and nearly led the Boilermakers to an upset of rival Indiana in the final game of the season.

Brohm will be given a long leash, which is what the program needs to return from the coma it is currently in. With Blough, the Boilermakers could pull off one upset that could give the program some momentum. It typically takes one or two surprise wins to spark a team that is accustomed to being bad, which is what Purdue has been since about 2007.