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Fake college football recruit laughs off hoax

Fake college football recruit on his attempted catfishing scam: 'I was laughing.'

The college football recruit who claimed to have offers from multiple schools laughed off the scheme, saying the catfishing scheme was easy.

A prospect named Unique Brissett used highlight videos from real prospects, and used social media to steal pictures from recruits who actually visited schools that Brissett claimed were courting him.

Also, one of the school's Brissett claimed he attended closed in September.

"Well me & my brother was watching college football & hudl’s & stuff,” Brissett, who says that's his real name, told The New York Post... “like that we was talking about it & then we both agreed we would do it (get fake offers ) then we was talking about what was our favorite college teams & then we started lying about the offers.”

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After his ruse was exposed, Brissett found the whole situation funny.

“It was easy. I don’t think it was hard at all,” said Brissett. "I was laughing. I was too hype."

Brissett claims he would have stopped the scam if it didn't get any national attention.

When asked if he learned anything from his attempt at catfishing, Brissett said, "Not really."