Oregon State Breaks Out Turnover Chainsaw vs. Nevada

Oregon State introduced the world to its Turnover Chainsaw on Saturday night against Nevada.
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College football teams have devised a myriad of ideas to reward defenders to force turnovers. Oregon State's latest example may be the most potentially dangerous one yet.

With the Beavers trailing Nevada 37–28 with just under six minutes to go, linebacker John McCartan made a huge interception to give Oregon State the ball back.

When McCartan got to the sideline, he raised an orange chainsaw above his head in celebration, introducing the world to the Beavers' Turnover Chainsaw.

McCartan's interception was the third turnover the Beavers forced. They went on to lose, 37-35, after failing to convert a last-second, 34-yard field goal.

Oregon State's Turnover Chainsaw didn't appear functional (it was missing the chain, thankfully), but it's among the most aggressive reward ideas we've seen. One could make the case that Boise State's Turnover Throne, Louisville's Turnnover Belt and Miami's new Turnover Chain are all still very fun though.