Former UConn Head Coach Kevin Ollie Facing 'Unethical Conduct Charge' From NCAA

Ollie was fired for just cause by UCONN in March. 
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Former UConn head coach Kevin Ollie is facing an "unethical conduct charge" from the NCAA per ESPN, possibly leading to a "show-cause" penalty. 

If the NCAA does opt to levy a show-cause penalty against Ollie, any enforced sanctions will follow him to his next coaching job in the NCAA. 

The list of allegations against Ollie include providing unfair recruiting benefits, exceeding limits on practice times and failing to promote an atmosphere of compliance per ESPN. The most serious charge against Ollie alleges he provided "false or misleading information" to the NCAA regarding phone calls between a five-star recruit and former Huskies players Ray Allen and Rudy Gay. 

UConn was not accused of wrongdoing in the NCAA's investigation. The university fired Ollie, who led UConn to the national championship in 2014, in March. Ollie is currently in arbitration with UConn over its decision to fire him for just cause, a decision that will potentially relieve the school of the $10 million remaining on Ollie's contract at the time of his firing. 

"It is not a surprise that the Notice of Allegations mimics the University of Connecticut's position in the arbitration as there is every reason to believe that the NCAA would support its member," Ollie's attorney Jacques Parenteau said in a statement on Saturday. "However, an allegation is not proof of anything, it's just an allegation. When the time comes to prove what actually happened, we will show that Coach Ollie did nothing to justify UConn's failure to pay him the money that is due him by contract."